Title IX

Title IX Coordinator:
Dr. Nicolas Retana

Contact Number: 559-675-2070

Additional Resources for Title IX:

Filing a complaint:
Below is information on how to file a complaint when you witness discrimination at ETAA. The first link below gives you instructions on how to file a complaint and detailed instructions are located on Page 3 of the "How to File a Discrimination Complaint With the Office for Civil Rights" link. The second link is the online complaint form where you will submit your complaint online. If you cannot access the online complaint form, you may click the "Printable Complaint Form", download the form, print the form and mail the form at the address under the "Office for Civil Rights Contact Information" link.

*PLEASE NOTE: A complaint must be filed within 180 calendar days of the date of the alleged discrimination, unless the time for filing is extended by OCR for good cause shown under certain circumstances. 

*Information on how the complaint will be investigated and how a complainant may further pursue the

Rights of a pupil under Title IX: