About ETAA

ETAA campus
Ezequiel Tafoya Alvarado Academy is a K-8 charter school. We first opened in August of 2005. ETAA has been designed to meet the unique needs of the Hispanic population. We currently have 400 smart, hard-working students with a ratio of 24 students per teacher. We believe that with these manageable numbers, our teachers will have the best opportunity to accelerate the learning experience for the students. All of our 14 teachers are bilingual in English and Spanish and are fully credentialed.

ETAA was formed on the premise that even though the children are among the least affluent, with the best teaching practices, they too, can become scholars. We believe that with a longer instruction day, direct, explicit instruction in English Language Arts and Mathematics, students will be more able to achieve success in middle and high school compared to their counterparts in traditional public schools. We are not a bilingual school in the traditional sense; however, we do value the Latino culture and emphasize its importance. In the Fall of 2007, the Madera Unified School Board approved a new five year charter renewal for ETAA. We want to thank the MUSD Board for a meaningful partnership with ETAA. Also, thanks to MUSD Board liasion, Mr. Gary Adams, for his continued support of our school.

Dr. Retana and Robin Henderson founded and developed ETAA on principles and beliefs that gave credence to a different construct of educating Latino children. The new paradigm is designed to emphasize the strengths of a scholarly environment in which the adults on campus take responsibility for student achievement. Our success has realized that this new way of thinking and behaving WORKS! If you would like to visit this award winning school, please contact us.

Charter Schools Today Article about ETAA (pdf)